Kids Care

Childcare is offered M-F during the 9:30 am class

There is a $5/per kid fee per month


Kids are accepted from ages of 6 months to 10 years

  • Parents are asked to feed their children before bringing them to OUR Kids Care, as our staff are not authorized to feed them.

  • Children should arrive with a dry diaper, as attendants are not permitted to change diapers. Should it be necessary, the OUR Kids Care will get the parent from the workout floor.

  • Crossfit OUR is not responsible for lost or damaged items brought from home. Any property your child brings from home should be properly labeled. Coins, balloons, toy guns, and toy swords are not permitted in the OUR Kids room.

  • Parents and legal guardians must remain in the gym while their children are in the childcare area. Parents may not leave the premise for any reason while their children are in the childcare facility.

  • No crumbly, messy, or sticky food substances, including gum, are allowed in the childcare area. Clear drinks in spill-proof containers are acceptable. Please label all items.

  • Bare feet will not be permitted at any time. Please have shoes and/or socks on children.

  • The childcare staff reserves the right to refuse childcare to anyone at any time.

  • Crossfit OUR reserves the right to suspend childcare privileges from any member who consistently neglects the policies.


Sick Kids


For the safety of everyone involved, parents are asked not to bring sick children to OUR Kids Care. The following standards will be enforced to ensure that all children and staff are protected from communicable diseases. Children with the following symptoms will not be accepted into OUR Kids:

  • Cloudy nasal discharge or productive cough

  • Unidentified rash

  • Fever any grade

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Pink eye

  • Bad cold

  • Reddened sore throat

Children must be symptom free for 24 hours after symptoms cease. If your child does not attend school due to an illness, they will not be admitted into OUR Kids. If your child contracts a contagious disease and has recently been to OUR Kids, please contact the staff immediately

Appropriate Behaviors

  1. Children are expected to behave appropriately for their age group. Repeated disregard for rules or failure to listen to childcare staff will result in a short "time out" for children two and older. Redirection will be used to address behavior problems for children younger than two.

  2. Parents will be called to the OUR Kids room if their child is behaving inappropriately. If this is a repeated occurrence, a course of action will be decided upon by the parent and childcare staff. OUR CrossFit reserves the right to suspend childcare privileges for a specified period of time, if deemed necessary.


  3. Parents will be called back to the OUR Kids room if their child continues to cry for a period in excess of 15 minutes.